An Excellent Surgeon

I cannot thank my dear doctor Barış Gülgez enough, he is the number one surgeon in his area, an excellent surgeon, thanks to him, I regained my health

I Got Down to 77 kilograms from 91 Kilograms through Bariatric Surgery

I am yet at the bottom of the ladder, it’s been 2.5 months, I had the operation at 91 kilograms, I am now 77 kilograms. I feel myself very lucky due to the things

Many Thanks to My Doctor Barış Gülgez

Doctor Barış Gülgez performed a sleeve gastrectomy operation on me at 165 kg. Above all, Doctor Gülgez is a doctor who approaches you as a brother, as a friend first and

From 186 kilograms I got down to 75 kilograms

In 2014, I was an extra-morbidly obese, 194-kilogram person, I wouldn’t be able to tell you all of the problems I was going through. I heard about sleeve gastrectomy and