From 186 kilograms I got down to 75 kilograms

In 2014, I was an extra-morbidly obese, 194-kilogram person, I wouldn’t be able to tell you all of the problems I was going through. I heard about sleeve gastrectomy and BARIŞ GÜLGEZ, prepared my documents and the day I was going in surgery I was 186 kilograms, I entrusted myself first to God then to Dr. Gülgez and had my surgery.

Think about it, on a Sunday, you are a patient in the ward, you wake up in the morning and your doctor walked away from his Sunday breakfast, he is there, standing before you, asking how you feel; you are discharged from the hospital and you crave for ice cream around 2:30-3:00 in the night, you text shyly at first, asking the doctor if you can eat and you receive the necessary explanations in 5 minutes; your mother made some pastries you feel desire to eat, you just ask if you can eat or how much you can eat, your answer is given within 5 minutes; its 4:00 AM, you are in extreme pain due to urinary tract inflammation because your stomach got smaller and you can drink too little water, you get your phone, 3-5 seconds after you press on the dial button, the doctor replies your call with a warm response and not only tells you which medication to take and which hospital to go but also offers to come at 4:00 AM; this is why I say, IT IS SO FORTUNATE THAT I MET YOU AND ENTRUSTED MY SELF FIRST TO GOD AND THEN TO YOU, IT WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE, thanks to you, I became now a 75-kilogram handsome lad, when I lay down, sit, drive, buy clothes and in every area of my life, you are always in my mind, I cannot thank you, pray for you enough, and doctor, the best of all, I can now sit on the chairs in the cafes without breaking them and making a fool of myself.