Dental ImplantsA dental implant is artificial dental roots that are placed in the jawbone to support dental dentures. In the presence of missing teeth that disrupt the aesthetics of teeth and smiles, Dental Implant applications are usually preferred. In dental implant applications, artificial dental roots compatible with body tissues, made of a material such as titanium, are placed in the jawbone with a small surgical procedure in a sterile environment. In about 2-3 months, the implant, which completely clings to the jawbone, becomes able to carry the prosthesis that will be placed on it. Existing cavities can be closed by applying to areas where missing teeth or teeth are located. Another type of implant is Dental Implants. In cases where their own existing teeth are lost, an artificial tooth root is placed in the jawbone and gum that will replace the tooth root. The teeth are placed on the new roots that are positioned. Dental implants allow patients who have lost their teeth to laugh comfortably, talk, perform social activities, eat well and gain the most natural appearance of their teeth.

An Implant is a treatment applied to patients who experience one or more tooth loss. Dental deficiency causes many periodontal and functional problems in the patient. In order for implants to be made, there must be a certain bone level. If the bone level is not appropriate, the patient should first make a jawbone. The Implant is applied to anyone who has completed bone development. In people with chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart, blood pressure, the implant can be made by taking appropriate prophylactic measures and consulting with the patient’s doctor.

Dental Implants are artificial roots made of titanium alloy. Implants in this way act as anchors to keep the replacement tooth in place. If a single tooth is missing, the solution may be a single crown. If more teeth are missing, implants can also serve as anchors for larger restorations, such as crowns and bridges or movable dentures. Dental implant in Turkey is a form of treatment with a success rate of %90 – 100%. Thousands of patients from abroad come to Turkey for dental implant treatment.

What is a dental implant?

It is possible to replace the lost tooth by surgical methods with tissue-compatible artificial teeth that mimic the real tooth root that is compatible with the jawbone. This application is important in terms of allowing fixed prosthetic options instead of moving dentures or preparing a solid infrastructure for the prosthesis. Dental implants placed in the jawbone act as a root of the tooth. In case of single tooth deficiencies, it is possible to complete the missing tooth without touching neighboring intact teeth, and in case of multiple tooth deficiencies, it is possible to use fixed dentures instead of movable dentures thanks to dental implants. In cases of complete toothlessness, it is possible to fix movable dentures that are difficult to use, especially in the lower jaw, which are prone to continuous exit from the mouth thanks to implants.

How is a dental implant applied?

The gum is opened where the missing tooth is located, and the lower or upper jaw bone is reached (mandible-maxilla), where a titanium screw is placed. The titanium screw has a hole in the middle. This hole concealer is sealed by screw. The gums are then sewn again and left to heal for a certain period of time. In the second stage, the gums on the artificial root are opened again, the closing screw in the middle is removed, and the healing head is replaced. Again, the gums are sewn and closed. The healing head is above the gum level. The task of the healing head is to ensure healing so that the titanium screw remains open and there is a round gap in the gum. After the desired healing has been achieved, the healing head is decoded, replaced by an intermediate part to which the artificial tooth will be attached. An artificial tooth is actually a decking that will be attached to this spacer. An artificial tooth is fixed on the bridge as if it were covering.

Dental implant advantages

Dental implant treatment is a comfortable, robust and reliable application. When missing teeth are completed, healthy teeth are untouched. It has a much longer life than all prostheses. Implant treatment method is a revolution in the treatment of missing teeth with developing technology. The long-term success rate of Implant treatment is 97 percent. Dental implant advantages are as follows:

  • Aesthetically, it provides a very close appearance to the natural tooth. In this way, it is difficult to distinguish from other teeth in terms of appearance and use.
  • Eliminates the need for prosthetics to be mobile.
  • High quality implants can be used for life with good care.
  • Implant teeth perform the same function as natural teeth and do not cause difficulties in nutrition or dental care. It gives you the feeling of normal chewing.
  • Low maintenance. As with your main teeth, it is easy to brush your implanted teeth and care using dental floss.
  • Gives a feeling of self-confidence and gives an aesthetic smile.
  • During the procedures, neighboring teeth are not interfered and only treated on the corresponding tooth.
  • In Dental Implants, no other material or material is needed to keep the dentures in place.
  • Basically, the implant gives a much more natural, healthy chewing feeling, speech and image than it takes on the burden of dental prostheses like a real tooth root. For this reason, implant dental treatment is the most accurate treatment method applied instead of non-teeth.

In summary, the implant gives the most natural feel with the most natural appearance for missing teeth. Unlike other dental treatment alternatives, it does not slip, dead-end and does not search your main tooth when talking, laughing or eating. It sits firmly on your jawbone and protects the natural structure of your face as if it were the first.


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